If Trade Shows Were Toilets

Traffic flow is a major concern for most exhibitors. Much has been written about traffic patterns on the show floor and how you can position yourself to get the most traffic. Booth space is often chosen based on seniority meaning that the companies that have been exhibiting at the show for the longest get the first pick.

Getting a good spot at a trade show is important and I encourage you to get the best spot you can. However, at the end of the day a good Trade Show Samurai-style booth strategy will beat a good spot any day of the show. This is because how you and your staff act in the booth will have far greater impact on your success than anything else.

It is amazing what lengths people will go through to actually avoid doing the work of lead generation themselves. They will go to great lengths to lure people into their booth. There is some kind of assumption that you have to get the attendee to visit your booth and provide their lead information without you having to say a word. All you really have to do is engage, intrigue, inquire and disengage.

I’ve been to lots of trade shows—more than I can count—in all my experience I’ve never seen a spot with such low traffic that it can’t be overcome with a little Trade Show Samurai action. Attendees are walking by all the time. Unless you engage them you are flushing away the opportunity. If trade shows were toilets they would be flushing all the time.

Mike Moyer

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