Less Stuff = More Leads

Today I visited a small wine conference in northern California. I collected a lot of marketing collateral that I will probably not read. I might, but I might not. Of the 30 or so booths I visited, six of them knew who I was when I left, leaving about 24 who didn’t. Only one person took my email address.

So, I got a huge stack of expensive brochures, they got nuthin. One person even sneaked (snuck?) up behind me to slip a brochure into my bag without even speaking to me. Weird.

As an exhibitor passing out brochures seems like a logical part of the process. After all, people take them and seem to actually want them.

Trade Show Samurais, however, know better. They know that passing out brochures willy-nilly is a total waste of time and money. Here are my reasons:

  1. Brochures are expensive
  2. People take them thinking they will read them, then they throw them away

So, you will be handing out brochures that will wind up in the trash at great expense.

The Trade Show Samurai knows that when you had somebody something- anything- it usually marks the end of the conversation. For this reason it is good to hand out something cheap, like a business card instead of an expensive brochure. Ending the conversation is good. It means you can move onto the next prospect instead of wasting time with the current prospect.

Capture the data and then

Mike Moyer

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