Mike MoyerMike Moyer is a Trade Show Samurai Master. Mike spent 20 years serving as a senior marketing officer for a variety of companies in a variety of industries executing every conceivable lead-generation tactic under the sun. During his career in marketing he developed a special talent for capturing leads at trade shows.

Mike saw that most of the work and money that goes into a trade show exhibit—the booth, the promotions, the products, the people, the brochures, the premiums—merely sets the stage for success, it does not lead to success. All of those costs could be eliminated or greatly reduced with a little bit of good staff training. For instance:

  • Mike once cut the budget of an unproductive show by 80% and increased leads from virtually nothing to over 700.
  • He once helped an unknown start-up register 1,500 new users at one show.
  • He once helped a company turn a little 10 x 10 booth from a “PR-thing” to a booth that generated over 150 leads in a few short hours.

Success is far more dependent on the individual behaviors of those who are actually in the booth than anything else. Over the years he perfected the process and now he is making it available to you.

Prior to becoming a Trade Show Samurai Sensei, Mike has worked with a number of companies including Mather LifeWays, Plano Molding Company, Workhorse Custom Chassis and HyperFeed Technologies and he was president of and Vicarious Communication. Mike has a MS in Integrated Marketing Communication from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He teaches classes in entrepreneurship at both universities.

Mike’s personal-selling techniques have influenced other markets as well. He is author of the book How to Make Colleges Want You which shows students how to properly position themselves for success in the college admissions process. He is also the author of Slicing Pie, a book about dividing up equity in early stage companies.

Mike lives in Lake Forest, Illinois with his wife, three kids and the Lizards of Oz.