“The best I’ve seen!”

-Vic Hunter, Hunter Business Group, LLC

“We have a small luxury lacquerware business and have been doing trade shows in the United States for fifteen years. This year, we started our overseas expansion and began to attend the Paris home decor trade show. Because we want to grow, we knew that we needed to improve our trade show performance in Paris and New York because that’s where we get the majority of our business leads.

Working with Mike Moyer, the Trade Show Samurai, radically improved our trade show results. At our first Paris show in September, before working with Mike, our results were not encouraging. This last show, however, we got many more leads and sales because we used Mike’s well-honed techniques for crafting targeted pitches, engaging prospective customers actively and then using our time wisely to gather information on good leads. We learned to move past the time wasters quickly by asking the questions, not answering them — as Mike advices so well. The lead card was an efficient and effective document for recording and prioritizing our leads, and we are now using the lead cards as our key source for followup after the show.

We are excited about the enthusiastic response we received at this recent show in Paris and about the potential for our international business. We attribute much of our success to the Samurai techniques. Merci beaucoup, Trade Show Samurai!”

– Carol Rubin, J . Fleet Designs

“I was truly amazed at the effectiveness of the various ‘arts’ – initially during our training, but more importantly, in practice.

I’ve worked various trade shows during the last three years and have never ever seen a 10×20 booth retrieve so many leads.  My normal thinking was to get a larger booth (we normally use a 50×50) and fill it with models and games, etc.  Your method was straight to business and I can safely say that over 90% of the leads we retrieved – were NOT from attendees visiting our booth but rather, using your arts to bring them in.  The scary thing is… is that many of these people we pulled in hadn’t any intention of stopping by our booth even though we are within their exact vertical market.

Happy to say that as a seasoned sales veteran, you’re never done learning and this was truly a great eye-opener for me.  You have really broken this down to a science and I am truly thrilled with the results.  It was also fun watching the 40×40 next to us get NO traffic, doing all the things you said not to do.

I hope you post this on your testimonials and please feel free to give out my contact to anyone who’d like more details about our success!”

– John Cho, Business Development Manager, BlueN USA

“I had a chance to see The Trade Show Samurai in action at the Housewares show in Chicago. Mike’s client was able to engage visitors right from the start. As a marketing expert, I attend a lot of trade shows and find that a big chunk of companies don’t have the right presence and miss potential opportunities. This was not the case for The Trade Show Samurai team. It was quite obvious that Mike’s client had a great show. Good work!”

– Alena Tsimis, iimagine studio

“The training was invaluable to me and the team. We went to the show filled with energy, purpose and confidence. The payoff was real, our team collected more leads than ever before, there were so many leads we couldn’t believe it. It was a fantastic experience.”

– Melissa Zuckerman Mangan, HyperFeed Technologies, Inc.

“I’ve seen the Trade Show Samurai techniques work wonders at a number of different shows and the results are nothing short of spectacular. We came back from shows with literally hundreds of leads. Even the skeptics were amazed! I can think of no other training I have been through that offers such immediate and concrete benefits.”

– Adam Schuler, Navistar

“The Trade Show Samurai training was a real eye-opener! I never would have thought we could get SO many leads from ONE show, it was amazing.”

-Louise Lyons, Mather LifeWays

I didn’t have much prep time before I would need to produce real results at my first trade show. This plan helped me stand out, make meaningful connections, and get serious business value from my time on the floor. Despite having no trade show experience, I was able to out-perform sales veterans using the Trade Show Samurai techniques.”

– M. Trevor Higgins, Cappex.com

“I’ve been in sales for over 20 years and never before have I found such a unique perspective for approaching trade shows. Mike’s approach helped my team focus on our business objectives. His  approach should be taken seriously by all types of exhibitors.”

– Doug Bukaty, Align Technology, Inc.

Below are feedback notes from a live Trade Show Samurai seminar held at the University of Chicago:

Trade Show Samurai Praise