Trade Show Nirvana

Several years ago I was starting a new company which helps students find the right college. My partner and I visited the National Association of College Admission Counseling.  I found a company that was already doing something similar to what my partner and I were planning. I spent almost two hours in their booth. I spoke to their President, CEO, CTO and lead investor in detail about their company, how their software worked, who their customers were, and even their sales and marketing strategy.

Why on earth would they spend that much time with a potential competitor instead of talking to potential customers who were walking by us as we talked? I wasn’t hiding anything. They knew I was a potential competitor. I guess they just liked talking to me.

So on the one hand you have people manning the booth who have no idea what to say; and on the other hand you have top-management spilling their guts to complete strangers!

It’s time to rethink the game.

Mike Moyer

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