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A Picture of Your Booth is Worth a Thousand Leads

People like to see a familiar face. When we see someone or something we recognize our heart jumps a little with the comforting satisfaction that we are not alone is a sea of strangers. Nowhere is this more true than on the trade show floor. As marketers and Samurai we can play to this fact with pre-show marketing tactics.

The simplest and most effective pre-show marketing piece is a postcard with a picture of your booth. Sounds silly right? It’s not. Most mail winds up in the trash. Your postcard will too, but in that split second when someone looks at it before they toss it, it will leave an impressions. That impression will stay with them when they are walking the show floor. They will see your booth as a recognized and perhaps trusted spot on the show floor. This will make it easier to engage and more likely you will capture a good lead.

This simple trick really works. Skip all the hoopla about your products and the nonsense about your services. Just send a picture postcard. It’s cheap, simple and effective.