The Four Core Arts of the Trade Show Samurai.

Accelerate your trade show strategy and capture more leads that you ever thought possible in a zillion years!

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Pre-Show Tricks

Learn a simple postcard mailing you can do before the show that makes people remember your company when they see you on the show floor.

Trade Show Samurai Webinar

The Right Kinds of Conversations

Talk to the right people, ask the right questions at the right time and capture the information you need to be able to prioritize your sales follow-up.

Trade Show Samurai

Bag the Sale

Your sales team will experience the benefits of a “virtual referral” when they reach out to prospect armed with the information they need to get the sale moving in the right direction

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Calculating ROI

Measuring return-on-investment (ROI) at a trade show boils down to cost per lead (CPL). The calculation is simple: Total Cost of the Show ÷ Total Leads = Cost Per Lead This is the best way to get a feel for how well you did at the show. If the show costs were $150,000 and you come back with one lead then your CPL was $150,000. If you come back with two leads the CPL was [...]

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Less Stuff = More Leads

Today I visited a small wine conference in northern California. I collected a lot of marketing collateral that I will probably not read. I might, but I might not. Of the 30 or so booths I visited, six of them knew who I was when I left, leaving about 24 who didn't. Only one person took my email address. So, I got a huge stack of expensive brochures, they got nuthin. One pers [...]

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Too Busy to Be Productive at a Trade Show

I can’t tell you how often I hear someone say, “we were way too busy to collect any names at the trade show!” Because their trade show booth was so full and they were so busy passing out tchotchkes, bragging about their product and handing out brochures they forgot that the point of the show was to generate leads. Many of these people lie to themselves by [...]

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Resist the Temptation To Be Helpful at Trade Shows

As a trade show attendee I like to have my questions answered. I like to know how much things cost, what they do, what colors they are available in and all that kind of thing. Lucky for me, most trade show exhibitors are more than happy to hunker down and give me the 411 on their products. Good for me, bad for them. When you, as the exhibitor, give in to this highly [...]

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