For Show Organizers

There are few, if any, trade show organizers who are immune to the overall decline in trade show participation. Cutbacks mean fewer exhibitors and fewer attendees. We’ve seen shows that were once huge events get reduced to a room the size of a high school gymnasium. It’s downright depressing.

We help your exhibitors increase their success at your show. When we say increase, we mean significantly increase. Our program is likely to double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple, octuple– but most people won’t believe that so let’s say, for arguements sake, we can only triple the results- that’s still pretty damn good.

Our Senseis can cover the basics in a seminar or pre-conference workshop for your attendees. The results will be nothing short of spectacular.

After all the mailings, brochures, knick-knacks, booth design, travel, parties and ads, what can you actually do on the show floor to change your results.

The answer is a lot. Our program teaches exhibitors what to actually do in the booth to capture leads. It includes:

  • The Art of Engagement– how to use body language and communication to engage an attendee on the show floor
  • The Art of Intrigue– how to quickly capture their interest and get them to open up to you about their needs
  • The Art of Inquiry– how to neatly capture all the information your sales team will need when they follow-up
  • The Art of Disengagement– how to wrap up the conversation so you can move onto the next person

For a taste of the program, join us for our weekly webinar that covers the four Core Arts of the Trade Show Samurai.

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