For Exhibitors

In order to truly maximize your trade show investment you need to staff your exhibit with Trade Show Samurai. No other trade show marketing tactic will increase your ability to generate leads on the show floor. When a Trade Show Samurai is working the booth they are part of one of the most well-oiled lead-generation machines that have ever existed. They practice the Trade Show Samurai Arts with poise, confidence and purpose. Among the Arts of the Trade Show Samurai-in-training will learn are:

  • The Art of Engagement– use body language and communication to engage an attendee on the show floor
  • The Art of Intrigue– quickly capture their interest and get them to open up to you about their needs
  • The Art of Inquiryneatly capture all the information your sales team will need when they follow-up
  • The Art of Disengagement– wrap up the conversation so you can move onto the next person

You will learn that on the show floor time is the enemy. Your ability to move quickly and learn quickly will separate you from all the others. With some thoughtful planning, simple techniques and a little bit of practice you will be a Trade Show Samurai.

Trade Show Samurai

Training Programs

Trade Show Samurais are trained on-site at your Dojo by a Sensei who is also a Trade Show Samurai Master.

Our primary training program is a day-long onsite seminar that provides complete training to your entire booth and exhibit staff.

For a taste of the program, join us for our weekly webinar that covers the four Core Arts of the Trade Show Samurai.

For a complete description of the Trade Show Samurai seminar simply complete the form below:

Lead Collection Kiosks

It is not unusual for Trade Show Samurais to collect so many leads that simply keeping track of them becomes difficult. We highly recommend the use of Lead Collection Kiosks in your booth. We can assist in the design and development of these tools.