Samurai Training

Trade Show Samurai MovesBecoming a Trade Show Samurai is the single biggest thing you can do to ensure astronomical trade show success. Staff your booth with Trade Show Samurais this year and it will be your single most productive trade show ever. If it’s not we will give you your money back.

We are not selling smoke and mirrors, we’re not selling tricks or tips, we are not selling ads or direct mail or fancy booths. We are selling the ability to capture more leads than ever before.

  • For Exhibitors we offer a training program for your booth staff that will give them a strategy for capturing leads and the confidence to pursue results during every minute of the show- on and off the show floor.
  • For Organizers we offer seminars and workshops for your exhibitors that will help guarantee that your show is mucho productive for them.

Whatever your organization does to be successful this year, do it. Whatever ads and direct mail and promotions you are going to invest in, do it. But after all that is said and done what your people do in the booth will have by far the most impact on your success.

You owe it to yourself and to them to make them Trade Show Samurais.