Free Trade Show Samurai Webinar

Trade Show Samurai WebinarThe Core Arts Training

Trade Show Samurai capture more leads at conferences than any other type of human.

A little bit of Trade Show Samurai training can go a long way towards boosting your overall lead capture rate. Join us for a closer look at the four Core Arts of the Trade Show Samurai:

  • The Art of Engagement– learn to initiate contact with an attendee
  • The Art of Intrigue– how to capture their interest
  • The Art of Inquiry– learn the Battle of Bonsai and how to ask the right questions
  • The Art of Disengagement– how to gracefully end the conversation so you can move on

All Trade Show Samurai learn and know these skills and use them on the show floor. In our 30-minute webinar you will learn the basics and how to apply them in your own situation.

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